Junior Singing Lessons

Using both classical training materials and a good smattering of the music that excites and enthuses your child, we help your child to discover and utilise good vocal technique and habits that will prepare them for a lifetime of singing. Alongside technique, we provide extensive coaching on presentation, acting, audition technique, performance technique and much more, learned over decades of the highest level of professional career.
We match your child’s enthusiasm and guide them towards being their best.

Adult Singing Lessons

The Sellwood Studio team will work with you to achieve your performance goals. Whether you wish to improve your audition booking rate, extend your vocal range, hone your cabaret skills or just learn to sing, it’s never too late to start.

From Broadway musical theatre to pop to opera to just finding your real voice, singing is our passion and we are ready to work with you

Audition Coaching

Our industry specialists can help you find your best performance to help you book that job. It will be provided by experienced professionals who have a background in the performing arts and are familiar with the audition process. This will be a fun, very supportive experience and will include time for really addressing the material, bringing it to life and also finding more additional songs that suit you.

Audition coaching can be a valuable investment for aspiring performers, as it can help them improve their skills, boost their confidence, and increase their chances of success in auditions.

Meet Our Teachers

Chelsea Friedlander

Paige Porter

Kimberlee Korzelius

Tom Sellwood

Deborah Williams

Samantha Lax

Candi Boyd

Larysa Maliutina

Bridget Hogan